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Max's Story


I mentioned how every special abilities child is different, with a different story, right?  Here is Maddox (or Max as we call him). He has a different road than Jackson.  Maddox, similar to Jackson, was a very challenging baby.  He didn't sleep much at all, had significant feeding issues, and was VERY attached to his mommy.  In fact, so attached to mommy, he would often refuse to be held by even other family members; including his dad!  Maddox had a pretty significant speech delay, and once again, his preschool mentioned to me that he wasn't socializing or communicating with other peers and suggested that he be evaluated for Autism.  Another child, we thought?  No way. (by the way, the odds of having another child on the spectrum when having at least one is much higher).  He would also bang his head on the floor when angry and did tip toe as well.  His challenges weren't as overt at Jackson's; so at the time we held off.  When he was in Pre-k4, the teacher again; brought up his attachment issues, socializing, and significant issues with loud noises.  So, the evaluation began.  Jackson was diagnosed at 3, and Maddox not until 5.  The signs were there, though not as overt.

We had him evaluated, and just like that, we were blessed with two boys on the spectrum.  This time though, the road was much easier.  I knew what to do.  I knew how to approach the evaluations, the school boards, obtaining proper services, etc.  It was a snap!  I had it and I didn't require the help of any advocate or attorney.  The process was seamless.  Just as Jackson is thriving at his school; Maddox is doing amazing!  Well above his grade level in most subjects and NOW; a social butterfly!  Again, does he have his challenges, absolutely!  As I mentioned before, there is no cure for Autism.  But the road this time was much, much easier.  I knew exactly what to do, when, and just how to do it.

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